I added videos examining Tascam Portacapture X6/ 8 and Arturia Minifuse 4

You will find accompanying detailed reviews in professional audio magazine (05/23 and 04/23)


I am presenting Sonicware Smpltrek in my professional audio 03/23 Hot Tools column.

When I got it, I was wondering how the audio quality is since this important when you work a lot with a device.

So this video briefly introduces Smpltrek and shows the audio quality.



DOWNLOAD BASSWERK SOUNDS FOR FREE.... raw nasty bass sounds from a jam for free... made with PWM Malevolent - i tested it for professional audio 06/22 and now I made a little sound.report video from a jam session with only very little talking. Check OSC Detuning around 4:37. There is a special occasion: Malevolent is also heavily used by ZARDONIC, www.zardonic.net

who is special guest on Pathfinder & Basswerk Halloween next monday!

It sounds a bit like my old MS20!

here is the free file is pure audio without any talking for you to make music or bass sounds with:


Buy tickets here:



In this video rather modern and clean sounding, self made D&B beats from tracks such as "All Eyes" , but also other beats, get transformed with the help of several tools ...... such as a Landscape HC-TT manual Cassette Player...or Ableton Live, Logic, Cableguys Shaperbox ..and a Tape Recorder...


more on my Lower Breakbeats project can be found at www.lowerbreakbeats.de. I am thankful that this project is supported by Musikfonds e.V./ Neustart Kultur

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Norand Morphos


As a very early user I had the honor to test this module in detail - here is what I found out and how it sounds.

This is a little sound.report on Norand Morphos

In Germany distributed through tomeso.de, youll find it @schneidersladen.de, musicstore, thomann when it's available. I was reviewing it for german mag "professional audio“.